04 March 2014

Pray for Larry Crabb

This week, a blog post came through from New Way Ministries written by Rachael Crabb, Larry's wife. He has a busy schedule coming up including leading a week long School of Spiritual Direction (that I am scheduled to go to).

Rachael writes,

Dear Prayer Partners,

It has been a long time since you’ve received a Prayer Initiative from NewWay—here is a short, very important one. I wanted to update you about Larry’s latest bout with the gastrinoma/cancer that has settled in his liver again—3 tumors in the liver, two in one lobe and 1 in the other lobe so no invasive surgery! If he had to go under the knife it would be three separate surgeries, with time between each for the resections to be restored. We did not want that invasion but love how God made us, a liver can regrow!

All this has lead up to Tuesday, March 4th, when Larry will have one of the newest procedures done by an interventional radiologist. Dr Stangle will go thru the groin into the liver with a catheter of chemo and inject it into the liver. The doctor trained at Mt Sinai in NYC in this fairly new treatment and said side effects are minimal (out of several 100 Dr S has done he has had 2 patients lose their hair (picturing Larry bald for a time is not a pretty sight). We are hopeful that unseen lesions will be wiped out and kept at bay for a bit with this concentrated chemo (the doctor also told us that he will always have this cancer and it’s not if it will return BUT where it will return). I guess after 17 and 1/2 yrs of dealing with this off and on we are realizing that we are involved in a unseen story being told all around us and are grateful.

A longer prayer initiative will be coming–we have a very busy schedule coming up for NewWay in the next several months (the doctor also told us that Larry needs a week after this procedure to recoup, so we’re giving him 2 weeks before he hits the road running on March 19th) We also like including the many prayer needs and praises you send to us. Know we are grateful for friends who hold up our arms!

With gratefulness to a BIG GOD,
Rachael for Larry and the little team

Pray for healing, but above all that God would be glorified.  

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