16 August 2014

Foundational Ideas: Grace/Forgiveness

My license plates read “GRCE ALN”, for grace alone. Over the last few years, there is probably no concept that has more deeply affected what I believe. Since becoming a Christian, I have given intellectual assent to the notion of grace, but I have not really felt its effects.

Grace says that there is quite literally nothing that I can do to save myself from the wrath of God. My only hope is in the accomplished work of Christ on the cross, where he bore the wrath of God and rose to victory, saving me when I could not save myself. I brought nothing to my salvation apart from my sin.

The two authors who have helped me to see this most clearly have been Tullian Tchvidjian and Matt Chandler. Each of these men preach a message of radical grace, reminding believers that they were saved not based on anything they have done, but on what Christ has done.

I would recommend pastor Tullian’s book One Way Love and Barbara Duguid’s book Extravgant Grace if you want to learn more. One of the best things to read in this regard is Martin Luther’s Commentary on Galatians.  I would also commend the video below. 


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