17 March 2015

The friendship I desire

I am reading Ruthless Trust by Brennan Manning. In his chapter on "Trusting Jesus", Brennan described a certain type of friendship, a type of friendship I desire. He wrote:

"Such a friend allows me to be myself, thoughtful one moment and silly the next. (Oh, that this would be a description of me!) Between us, trust grows. If a word of fraternal correction is needed, the friend offers it directly, but the pained expression on his face tells me how difficult the reproof is for him. And yet he has the courage to tell me something unpleasant but necessary--something that others should tell me but do not. (They renege for fear that I will not like them anymore. Their emotional equilibrium is more important to them than my spiritual growth). With each interaction, trust of my friend grows deeper." 

We should all desire this type of friendship, a friendship that dives beneath the surface.

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