25 November 2015

Book Review: More Than Conquerors

William Hendriksen was a minister, professor, and New Testament scholar, but he was perhaps best known for his excellent commentaries on several New Testament books. More than conquerors: An interpretation of the book of Revelation was first published in 1940 and has been re-released by Baker Books in a 75th anniversary edition.

The first six chapters of the book provide a general overview of the book of Revelation looking at issues like symbolism, unity, and purpose. One thing I appreciated about Hendriksen was his insight that whatever we make of Revelation, we have to understand that it needed to mean something to John's readers at that time.  So many of the esoteric approaches to interpreting Revelation seem to ignore that reality.

In the last eight chapters, he begins to look into the meaning of each of the chapters of Revelation with their rich symbolism and meaning. His insights here are deep, yet accessible.

Above all, Hendriksen argues that the apostle John and this letter are for the church. No doubt, Hendricksen too was a man for the church, a characteristic I deeply appreciated.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review. The views presented here are my own.

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