06 March 2013

Lifestyle Liberalism

Rod Dreher, writing for The American Conservative, has written an important article regardless of your political persuasion.  Dreher interacts with a letter he received from a friend of his who was expressing concerns about the activities of his young children.  Essentially, the father expressed shock that his 10 year old boy had become a gamer waking up early to play M-rated games and watch sexual clips from HBO.

His friend wrote, "But there’s something deeper here that is profoundly disturbing. Just last week, my wife and I attended an orientation at our son’s middle school next year. It’s a lovely school with great test scores and supportive staff and a million extracurricular options, etc. Everything you’d expect in a wealthy suburb with high taxes. But in all the orientation talks by the principal and administrators and counselors, not one word was spoken of morality or character. It was a complete moral vacuum, beyond empty tolerance (no bullying, which I support, of course). And meanwhile, at home we’re experiencing the consequences of this way of raising a child."

This father, it seems, has painfully stumbled upon the failure of value free education that promotes a world of tolerance of the kind that says "you must completely accept whatever someone else does" rather than "you must show another respect even if what they do makes your blood boil."  We must get back to a standard where children are taught right from wrong.  The Ten Commandments are a good place to start, or perhaps to which we should return. 

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