29 May 2013

Gems Magnify the Sun

The diamond has no inherent brightness; it cannot shine and be brilliant by itself. It requires the light of the sun to show off its various facts and reveal its beauty. But then, to a very large extent, the beauty of the diamond is really the glory of the sun's light, working in and through the diamond to show its own splendor. Just so the virtue and holiness that we discover in the lives of the people around us are expressions of God's glory, being attributes communicated from Him to them, and manifested through them by His spirit at work in them. God delights to see Himself thus reflected in His creatures, and we should be quick to glorify and praise Him whenever such attributes come to light. We must not think that such divine radiance in any way originates with us; people are, rather, the reflection of the light and glory of God, to Whom alone praise is due.

-TM Moore, Consider the Lilies: A Plea for Creational Theology, page 142

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