14 November 2013

Theology is...

When many people hear the word theology, they often think of old, white men pontificating about God. Often they are right. Unfortunately, theology has earned the reputation as a stale, uninteresting discipline for ivory tower academics. May it not be so.

Theology should not ultimately be analyzing a flower petal under a microscope,
     it should be lying in a field of purple and yellow and white flowers, feeling the breeze on your face.

Theology should not ultimately be carefully analyzing a person's gait,
     it should be dancing in time with the music, flowing fluidly across the floor.

Theology should not ultimately be theories about meter and chord progression,
     it should be coming to tears as Handel's Messiah washes over you.

Theology should not ultimately be about Doppler radar and rising barometric pressures,
     it should be about listening to the rain splashing against the windows, just a little scared at the crashing thunder.

Theology is the study of God, but it is a study that should drive us to worship. Theology should not ultimately be accumulating information about God, but an aid to help us bask in the presence of God.

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