19 July 2009

Adopted for Life-Chapter 2

"When Maria and I first walked into the orphanage, where we were led to the boys the Russian courts had picked out for us to adopt, we almost vomited in reaction to the stench and squalor of the place. The boys were in cribs, in the dark, lying in their own waste.

"Leaving them at the end of each day was painful, but leaving them the final day, before going home to wait for the paperwork to go through, was the hardest thing either of us had ever done. Walking out of the room to prepare for the plane ride home, Maria and I could hear Maxim calling out for us and falling down in his crib, convulsing in tears. Maria shook with tears of her own. I turned around to walk back into their room, just for a minute.

"I placed my hand on both of their heads and said, knowing they couldn't understand a word of English, "I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." I don't think I consciously intended to cite Jesus' words to his disciples in John 14:18, it just seemed like the only thing worth saying at the time." (Adopted for Life, page 25).

I was choked up as I read this yesterday. Jesus tells his disciples that he will "not leave us as orphans." We will not be left behind, yet how many children today are left behind because it may cramp our lifestyles? I pray that the church moves mightily to care for the fatherless.

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