09 May 2015

Book Review: Simply Christian

Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense (2006) by NT Wright is a 21st century primer on the Christian faith similar to what one might expect in CS Lewis's Mere Christianity or Chuck Colson's The Faith. Divided into three sections, Wright makes a compelling case for the truth of Christianity. In the first section, he addressed the "echoes" heard by all people--the desire for justice, a sense of the spiritual, a need for relationality, and a love for beauty. In part two, he explores how the God of the Bible and Christianity in particular helps us to understand those echoes by looking at God's self-revelation through His people, His Son, and His Spirit. The third part answers the now what question.  If Christianity is true, which Wright proposes that it is, what do our lives look like? Although the whole book was good, it was this third section that particularly captivated my attention. His discussions of worship, prayer, and the word of God would be beneficial for all believers to consider. However, it was his final chapter, "New Creation, Starting Now" that was I think the most beneficial. Wright tells his readers that we wait not until heaven to live as Christians, but to live right now.  We have the answer to questions of justice, spirituality, relationships, and beauty. In Christ, we are new creations. Starting now.

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