14 May 2015

Circle of Friends

My circle of friends talked and laughed together. We took turns helping each other. We gathered to read enjoyable books.

We joked often and at other times were serious. We could disagree without offending. We reasoned as a man would with himself, and our occasional moments of disagreement only spiced our usual harmony of thought.

Sometimes we would teach, and sometimes we would learn.

We would sorely miss the one who was absent and welcome him when he returned.

Such were the expressions of our hearts for one another. We loved and were loved by those who knew well our expressions and words, the look in our eyes and all of our individual gestures. This is the fuel that heats souls until they melt together, to make out of many one. This is the picture of friends bound together in mutual affection. The feelings become so strong that one's conscience condemns any doubt or critical thought of the others that breaks that emotional connection.

-St Augustine, The Confessions

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