28 December 2012

Best Books of 2012

A lot of bloggers have posted their "best of" lists.  I thought I would share my favorites as well, but with just a brief explanation for each.  For many of them, I provided a fuller review, elsewhere on the blog.   Of the 60 or so books I read this year, these were the ones I would most highly recommend, though they are in no particular order.

Anatomy of the Soul--I responded to the author of this book at a conference in Branson this summer.  The first time I read it, I enjoyed it and was challenged by it. The more I thought of it, however, the more I wanted to go back and re-read things again and again.  Briefly, this is a Christian understanding of interpersonal neurobiology.  If that sounds boring, it isn't. 

The Transforming Power of the Gospel--I have been on a Jerry Bridges kick.  In this book, Bridges discusses how the gospel not only saves us, but also transforms our lives. 

Not the Way Its Supposed to Be--This book by Cornelius Plantinga was required reading for the Centurions program.  It is a phenomenal exploration of sin discussed by a compelling author. 

Total Truth--This is a must read book with regard to Christian worldview.  Nancy Pearcey is a sharp thinker and clear writer, challenging many of the modern secular viewpoints with clearheaded thinking. 

Think Christianly--This book, by Jonathan Morrow, is along the same lines as Pearcey's book above.  Although I suspect it will not have the same staying power as Total Truth, it was timely and very readable. 

Gospel Wakefulness/Gospel Deeps--These two books by Jared Wilson helped me to dive deeper into the gospel.  Wilson writes with great maturity of someone his age and I would commend anything he has written. 

The Explicit Gospel--Matt Chandler's book is a unique one.  He takes a look at the gospel on the ground versus the gospel in the air, essentially making the case that the gospel should not only transform people but transform culture.  The balance was excellent. 

Shame Interrupted--I have realized over the past year how much shame affects people throughout the culture and how much it has affected me.  The only remedy to shame is the truth of the gospel. 

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