07 December 2013

Book Review: Tale of the Toboggans

Just over four years ago, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Prior to that, I had been reading John Piper's excellent book Desiring God and when I came to his chapter on suffering, I wondered why we didn't.  Though soon we did. Cancer is a life changing experience whether your own or in the life of a loved one.

That background brings me to this book, Tale of the Toboggans.  I don't even know how I came to it, except that it was a free offering on Kindle.  I just said the other day that it is unlikely that I will ever read all of the free Kindle books I have downloaded, but I am so glad that I opened this one. This book is an autobiographical account of Christian Schmidt's battle with a rare form of cancer, rhabdomyosarcoma. 

Quite plainly, this is one of the most moving, engaging books I have had the pleasure to read. Schmidt's descriptions of the treatment process and the ensuing physical, mental, and spiritual struggles is all too right.  I find myself torn. On the one hand, there are few books I have read that I think are more important for my wife to read and yet, I am not sure what she might encounter.  I have no doubt that this book will generate emotions she has not had for a long time.  Schmidt is brutally honest, which is a thing of rare beauty.  What was even more beautiful to me was the increasing thirst to bring glory to God through his battle. 

Here are the people to whom I would recommend this book.  Those with cancer. Those who know someone with cancer. Those who experience the pain of longing in some area of their life. Those who want to understand what cancer is like.  Those with a heart. Those without one. 

This book is nothing short of remarkable.  The Kindle price is 99 cents, which is much lower than its value.  Take advantage before the price goes up. 

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