02 December 2013

Gift Ideas-Christmas 2013

Thanksgiving is past, so we are officially into the Christmas season. I thought I would offer some recommendations, most related to books.

Look for a gift book for a believer
One Way Love by Tullian Tchvidjian is a great book focused on God's radical grace toward believers.  This is, so far, Tullian's best book. 

Is your believer a bit of an intellectual egghead (in the greatest possible way, of course)
Doug Groothuis's Christian Apologetics remains an excellent resource for the Christian wanting to defend their faith. 

How about a gift book for a nonbeliever
Tim Keller's Prodigal God is a short, deeply engaging book exploring God's extravagant grace toward sinners.

Christmas CD
Natalie Grant's Believe remains my favorite Christmas CD.  It has a big band feel to it. 

Looking for a ministry to support?
How about Teamwork Africa? Their mission: Teamwork Africa plants and resources African churches to meet the vital spiritual, physical and social needs of their local communities.

Want a bigger ticket item? 
How about Logos 5 Bible Software?

Want a bigger ticket item for me?  
How about an all expenses paid trip to Liberate 2014.

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