28 January 2014

Book Review: The Heart of a Servant Leader

Dear Jack,

I have just been blessed to read the most remarkable book entitled The Heart of a Servant Leader (2004), which is a collection of letters you wrote during your ministry. Your daughter Barbara saw fit to edit this volume of your correspondence into this volume. We should be thankful to God for her editorial gift. But I wanted to write to you thanking you for your deeply pastoral heart. I had heard of reputation from other Christian teachers and was eager to read what you had to write. In your letters, I discovered a man who loved the gospel and who sought to glorify God and love people. I deeply appreciated the transparency with which you wrote to the people you came into contact with.  Further, your commitment to dependence upon prayer is palpable throughout your writings. I am eager to recommend your letters to all who are willing to consider them. You communicate how deeply in the grip of the grace of Christ you are and I long for other believers to see that as well. 

I know that you are now with the Father, but I pray that God will raise up a generation of disciples who will love others warmly and worship God fervently.  I am pleased to commend this book to anyone seeking to that end.

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