19 January 2014

God is More Passionate Than You Are

God is not a bored, tired gentleman of a grandfatherly nature sitting on his La-Z-Boy throne in heaven who shows only polite interest in your life. God is passionate.  In fact, He is more passionate than you are.  Much more passionate.

He loves you so much that He pursues you everywhere.  He pours forth blessing after blessing on you.  He loved you so much He sent His son to die and bear the penalty for your sin and He offers it as a free gift.  He allowed His son to be Killed. Gruesomely. So that He could have relationship with you.  He loves you passionately.

He also hates sin much more than you do. He despises sin.  When you are disappointed and angry with yourself for sinning, His hatred for that sin is infinitely larger than yours. He also hates the sins that others commit against you much more than you ever will.  He hates sin so much that He sent his son Jesus to do away with that sin once and forever. 

Never think of God as impassionate.  His desire for you, His hatred of sin, His passion will always supersede that of your own.  Praise God for that.

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