16 January 2014

Jared Wilson on Fat Pastors

Contrary to what you might expect, In Praise of Fat Pastors is not a takedown on overweight preachers.  Rather it is a call to right focus.  As someone who often misses the focus whether losing weight or gaining, this is an important post.

Just a couple of Wilson's highlights:
  •  When Paul warns in Philippians 3:19 against those whose god is their belly, it’s just as applicable a warning today about the Crossfit junkie as it is the chocoholic. 
  • What we need are men (and women) who will lead the way in rejecting the Photoshopping of our faith.
  • Give me a fat guy in the pulpit so long as he preaches not himself and not the law but the glorious gospel. And if you’ve got a pastor with washboard abs who does that– well, that’s okay too, I guess. 
Read also John Piper's thoughts in a similar vain.

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