23 January 2014

Great Counsel on Depression Medications

The more I read of David Murray, the more I appreciate him.  He is a pastor and professor (Old Testament and Practical Theology) who writes wisely about depression.  Today, he offered this excellent counsel to someone who has decided to go on medications for depression. 

He begins:
So sorry to hear you are still suffering in this way. But I’m very happy to hear that you are going to the doctor’s today. I know you are nervous but I wouldn’t worry about the visit – you will probably be just one of a dozen depressed people the doctor will see that week. He’s used to it.

I’m glad you are willing to consider the meds. The side-effects are usually minimal for most people and are often greatly exaggerated by opponents of medications.

Please take the time to read this piece. Also, if you are feeling depressed or anxious, please talk to someone--a pastor, a friend, or your doctor.  

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