12 January 2014

Pornography, Human Trafficking, and Needed Prayer

A friend of mine posted this video on Facebook.  This is a must watch for men and women, though fair warning that there is graphic content but no nudity.  I have increasingly felt prompted to figure out a way to speak out against pornography and sex trafficking.  But it scares me.  I've been ensnared by pornography before and it scares me to speak out against it for fear of the associated temptations. I still feel the temptations too often, as I assume a heroin addict does with narcotics. 

But this is one of the biggest issues facing men in the church today.  How can men lead if they are destroyed at the root?  Satan knows this.  We must fight back against it.  Pray for me that I would know what how God wants me to speak to this. Pray too for the men and boys that you know.  The church has to step up here. 

Groundswell from Unearthed on Vimeo.

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