26 December 2013

Books of the Year-2013

This year, I read 95 books (so far)--some good, some bad.  The top 5 books I read this year were:

One Way Love--This was my favorite book of the year.  It was about my favorite topic, by one of my favorite authors.  Highly recommended.
Grace in Addiction--This book was a surprise, but excellent.  It was a wonderful call to the church to learn about grace from the 12 step movement. 
Becoming a True Spiritual Community--Along with One Way Love, this is now on my must read list.  Larry Crabb reflects on what a true community should look like. 
Tale of the Toboggans--This is probably the best free book I ever got.  I would have happily paid for it.  If you have cancer or no someone with it, this is for you. 
Prodigal God--Tim Keller's reflections on the tale of the 2 sons from Luke 15.  Great gift book if you are looking for one. 

All of these are excellent. Click on the links to read my reviews. So, if you have an Amazon gift card you don't know quite what to do with, here are some ideas. 

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