09 April 2013

Losing My Wife Is My Greatest Fear

A friend of mine posted this beautiful account of marriage from a man married to his wife for 60 years.  His understanding of marriage and commitment is much different that what we hear of today.  When he married, he expected to stay married. This response conflicts with what I heard from a woman I went to graduate school with, who said, "I expect I will marry some day, but I also believe I will probably get a divorce." 

This man's words are tender, wise, and humorous. Without question, he adores his wife now as much as he did when they first met, even though, as he says, "the intercourse has gradually gone away." 

He captured my fear well, "I see friends' spouses die, and it scares me. Losing my wife is my biggest fear. I'm not sure how I would go on with out her." For me too, if I am honest, is my greatest fear--losing my best friend, yet neither do I want her to lose me.  I suppose it will happen eventually, but I pray not soon. 

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