30 April 2013

Tolle Lege

Tolle Lege means "take up and read!"  Augustine of Hippo heard these words at the time of his conversion and was compelled to open the Bible and read.  Too many people, however, fail to "take up and read", critics and Christians alike. 

I just finished listening to the four part White Horse Inn podcast on "Questions of Faith." The producer, Shane Rosenthal, went to college campuses to do man on the street interviews with students. I want to mention two of the themes I observed. First, most of the students were openly critical of the Bible. They criticized its accuracy, testimony, and general truthfulness. Second, most of them, when asked, had never read the Bible. Some admitted to reading isolated bits and pieces whereas others had no exposure to it at all. Some were exposed to men like Bart Ehrmann, but not to the Bible. So, they were making fairly bold criticisms of a a book, a religion, a Person that has utterly changed the world without ever having read the Bible.

If Jesus is who he claims, if the Bible records truth, if there are eternal consequences (even just potential consequences) for accepting the message, then wouldn't it seem that people would want to read the actual source before openly criticizing it or rejecting it out of hand? 

Also, for my Christian brothers and sisters, this book contains God's revelation about who He is and who you are.  We believe that the Bible is the clearest revelation of His nature and of His plan for humanity. If you are basing your life on this book, make sure you have read it. 

So whether you are a believer or a Bible basher, Tolle Lege! Tolle Lege! Tolle Lege! 

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