30 January 2013

DeYoung on the temptations of social media

Kevin DeYoung has written what I consider to be a very important article, perhaps because I struggle so much with it.  He is addressing our addictions to social media and "connectedness." 

He writes, "I was speaking at one of our top seminaries when after the class two men came up to me in private to ask a question. I could tell by the way they were speaking quietly and shifting their eyes that they had something awkward to say. I was sure they were going to talk about pornography. And sure enough, they wanted to talk about their struggles with the internet. But it wasn’t porn they were addicted to. It was social media. They told me they couldn’t stop looking at Facebook; they were spending hours on blogs and mindlessly surfing the web."

And here is part two. I like this line from part 2, a quote from Richard John Neuhaus: “Acedia is evenings without number obliterated by television, evenings neither of entertainment nor of education but of narcoticized defense against time and duty. Above all, acedia is apathy, the refusal to engage the pathos of other lives and of God’s life with them”

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