24 January 2013

Pilgrim's Progress: Twas Ease I Sought

A few weeks back, I wrote about Christian's talk with Pliable and how it was relevant to the modern thinking that the Christian life is easy.  Today, as Christian visits again with Evangelist, we see this theme resurfacing again.  He tells him, "He bid me with speed to get rid of my burden, and I told him that it was ease that I sought; and, said I, I am therefore going to yonder gate to receive further direction how I might get to the place of difference. So he said that he would show me a better way, and short, not so attended with difficulties as the way sir that you set me in; which way, said he, will direct you to a gentleman's house that hath skill to take off these burdens: so I believed him, and turned out of that way into this, if haply I might soon be eased of my burden. But when I came to this place, and beheld things as they are, I stopped for fear of danger; but now I don't know what to do." 

Christian was looking for an easier way to be released from his burden for it was too much.  I think we all look for easy ways to be eased of our burdens as well.  We seek solace in food, substances, television--any of a number of things.  We are so willing to try anything, listen to anyone, and so when a better way is promised, our ears perk up.  But what Christian discovered, what we all discover, is that the only way the burden is removed is at the cross.  Christian gratefully met with Evangelist again who set him back on the right track.  May we all be so lucky.

What things have you sought to help ease your burdens? How can you intentionally point others to the cross to ease theirs?

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