05 January 2013

Pilgrim's Progress: Obstinate

Having been shown the way to the wicket gate, Pilgrim begins to run toward it.  His wife, his children, and his neighbors respond differently to his behavior.  Some mock him, some threaten.  Two men, Obstinate and Pliable, go after him to bring him back home to the City of Destruction. They tell him, unapologetically, that they want him to come back with them.  He tells them he cannot and tries to persuade them to come with him instead.  Pilgrim tries to explain to them what he is seeking after, and Obstinate responds agitatedly. He says to Pliable, "Come then, neighbor Pliable, let us turn again, and go home without him. There is a company of these crazy-headed coxcombs, that when they take a fancy by the end are wiser in their own eyes than seven men that can render a reason" (p. 18). Pliable hesitates and Obstinate is more direct still--"Who knows whither such a brain-sick fellow will lead you? Go back, go back, and be wise" (p. 18). 

As Christians, we must understand that the world is full of Obstinates.  Although there are many people who seem to be indifferent to Christianity, there are some who are much more aggressive in their attacks upon it.  The New Atheists represent some of the most vocal critics of the Christian faith.  Indeed, they would argue alongside Obstinate that Christianity is comprised of "crazy-headed coxcombs" and "brin-sick fellows".  We should not be surprised by these attacks upon the faith.  When they occur we, like Pilgrim, must keep our eyes on yonder wicket gate.

Claiming to be wise, they became fools-Romans 1:22 

you ever experience open attacks upon your faith?  If so, how do you respond? 

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