31 January 2013

Gene Veith on the Grace vs holiness debate

Gene Veith is one of my favorite writers. He is a Lutheran who writes a lot about Christian worldview and contemporary social issues.  Today, he addresses a recent question apparently posed by Christianity Today about whether Americans need the message of grace or a call to holiness.  His thoughts are worth considering.

He writes,"...it is strange, in Lutheran eyes, to talk about 'holiness' simply in behavioral terms.   It is also strange to talk about 'grace' as an abstract quality without mentioning Christ, the Cross, or the tangible 'means of grace,' which gets us back to 'holiness.'

"Good works? Of course!  But these grow out of both grace and holiness.  Both have to do with God’s gifts and what God bestows through Christ.  How can they be set against each other?"

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