11 January 2012

Book Review: When people are big, and God is small

I like Ed Welch.  He's a clinical neuropsychologist by training, but his heart is for the gospel.  He is currently a faculty member at CCEF.  I've read and reviewed a few of his books in the past including A Banquet in the Grave and Blame it on the Brain. This book, When people are big and God is small: Overcoming peer pressure, codependency, and the fear of man (1997), may be my favorite thus far.  In the book, Welch addresses the broken concepts of the popular self-esteem and codependency movements. He provides a biblical critique of the psychological needs theories that have dominated the self-help movement for too long.  Welch sees many of the problems we encounter in relationships as resulting from an underdeveloped fear of God and an overdeveloped fear of man.  He suggests that when we fear God rightly, we will be less prone to fearing the opinions of others.  Briefly, he wrote, "the person who fears God will fear nothing else."  This is a well-written, gospel-centered book that will help you to refine your understanding of the fear of God.  4 stars. 

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