25 January 2012

Let yourself be changed by it

Jared Wilson, citing Don Carson, talks about the tendency among some Christians to interpret the Bible based upon their own biases, rather than reading scripture for what it actually says. Wilson quotes Carson's book, Exegetical Fallacies, about an experience Carson had, "Genuinely intrigued, I asked this brother what he would say if I put forward my interpretation, not on the basis of grammar and text, but on the basis that the Lord himself had given me the interpretation I was advancing. He was silent a long time, and then concluded, 'I guess that would mean the Spirit says the Bible means different things to different people.'"

The Bible is not a relativistic document. It is the unvarnished truth.


Anonymous said...

According to whom?

J Kanz said...

Well, for one, Don Carson (who is mentioned in this brief paragraph), one of the most widely published and best known New Testament scholars in the world. I believe the evidence for this is fairly convincing, but a combox is not the place to put forth the argument.