27 January 2012

Friends don't let friends homeschool?

Matthew Hennessey at First Things addresses how his friends have responded to their decision to homeschool. He captures the response colorfully when he quips, "Opting out of the public education system feels a bit like jumping off a moving train. As you tumble down the side of the embankment and struggle to gain your footing, passengers on the still-moving train crane their necks and crowd to the windows to stare at you with wide eyes and slack jaws. They jumped? What are they, nuts? This train is so nice."

The people we know have been generally supportive, but we have certainly heard the concerns about socialization.  I can resonate with Hennessey when he writes, "Socialization is education school code for, 'Give your kid to us. Let us raise her.' I’m not much interested in having the talent, creativity, and faith socialized out of my daughter, so I am happy to play a small part in frustrating the system’s designs on her."

We have chosen to homeschool. We have our reasons. If it means that our children turn out different than the majority of kids coming out of public schools...well...good. 

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