22 January 2012

Politics, sexual revolution, and you

I thought I would begin this day by hitting all of the major hot button issues--politics, sex, and probably a bit of religion. Paul Cella writes about the effect of changing demographics upon the ability of societies to care for elders and, even beyond that, to care for themselves. The ballooning generation of elders without a base of younger workers will lead to economic hardship for both the elders and the adult workers as they groan under the weight of the decisions to have smaller families.  This problem has grown exponentially in Japan where the oldest old outnumber the working classes.  The economic burden is considerable.

At last we are beginning to suffer the demographic consequences. Our prosperity suffers; our political economy groans under pressure from the revolution. The claims of the old upon the resources of the young must be extracted from ever-smaller cohorts of the young, millions of them having been snuffed out before birth and millions more contracepted into oblivion. The difficulties entailed in this straitening are in evidence across the Western world, most spectacularly in Europe.-Paul Cella

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